Sunday, March 29, 2009

Re-launch of Blog and Site Coming Soon

As I prepare to permanently relocate back to Middle Tennessee, I will be taking a temporary hiatus from blogging and updating the website. The site and blog will be back up with regular updates in two weeks. Look forward to talking with you then!

Monday, March 23, 2009

There's Hope Yet

Amidst the crumbling newspaper industry, one sign of hope for real journalism: NPR achieves record ratings.

Tired of Faux News, Eh?

Well, Fox News has done it again. This time their hatred is aimed at the military veterans of the Great White North. Greg Gutfeld and his colleagues on Fox's "Red Eye" program poked fun at the Canadian military on their show recently, making effeminate comments about them and disparaging their courage. Greg Gutfeld has never been overseas to see Canadian troops in Afghanistan or anywhere, for that matter, that American troops are deployed in combat! Candada has been a strong ally in Afghanistan from the beginning and, tragically, they've lost 116 soldiers there. Fox News and the extreme conservatives that support them need to learn to appreciate all allied veterans. They could start by pushing for better treatment of our American combat vets!

Read the Vet Voice blog entry and see the original video

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Difference Between Service Members and Wall Street

Here's my two cents on the ongoing uproar over AIG bonuses. This is an example of the culture of greed, excess and entitlement bred among the financial elite in our country. They are a stark contrast to the brave men and women that serve our nation in the military, on the police or fire departments, in the country's classrooms and as community volunteers.
If there really is an "Us vs. Them" in our country, its between those that believe they are entitled to excess and those that believe in giving back to the nation. I can speak from my experience as an officer in the Army. The Army is one of the most socialist cultures in the country and, although it has many faults and probably too much bureaucracy, the average soldier does not feel "entitled" to anything special for serving the country.
In the Army, officers eat after the enlisted soldiers because they understand that they should look after the well-being of others before themselves. If there is a formal dinner that everyone must attend, officers pay more for tickets in order to offset the cost to the enlisted personnel that make less money. This is what I mean by a sense of service over entitlement.
Our soldiers and civil servants do what they do out of a sense of duty and loyalty and ask nothing in return. The nation should show our appreciation by improving the medical, employment and education benefits available to the soldiers, teachers, nurses and police officers that serve us all so well. I look forward to the day when Wall Street learns a thing or two from these patriots.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spot On Commentary About Iraq and Our Vets

Great column from Jon Soltz, Iraq Vet and founder of Vote Vets, about the state of Iraq, our military and our veterans on the 6th anniversary of the invasion.

Obama Says "No" to Privatization of VA Health Insurance

Although I'll never understand why this was ever even considered by anyone, anywhere, it appears that the drama is now over. The Obama Administration said, to our relief, that there will NOT be a change to the way VA benefits are given to our veterans. Earlier this week, it was announced that the Administration was "considering" the option of having wounded veterans pay for some of their health care needs. This option is no longer on the table:
Check out the entire Vet Voice Article

Welcome to the Volunteer Vets Blog!

Hi everyone. I hope that in the coming days I will start a discussion with you about ways that Tennesseans can do more to honor our veterans and ensure that they receive better benefits in our state than in any other part of the country. The Volunteer State has always been about service above self, and I believe that we must do more to serve those who served us. I also believe that service is not limited to the military and that we should all do more to take an active part in our community. Part of that activity is being knowledgeable about local, state and national politics. This is the spirit of Volunteer Vets. An appreciation for our veterans (especially those that enlisted), a passion for an inclusive and vibrant community and an understanding of our political system. Also, check out my new website